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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  November 19, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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breaking news tonight from occupy oakland... a moving protest in the streets. it e
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. good evening. breaking news tonight from occupy oakland. a moving protest in the streets. it ends at the one place the city wanted to protect. after being evicted from the plaza, the protesters moved to a fenced-off vacant lot at 19th and telegraph. don knapp has more. >> reporter: they have literally taken over the park there. was nothing here to stop them. let's take a look at helicopter shots as they moved in. the park has been reserved this week, they thought, with signs and fences, and what the police had intended to do was keep them out. however, they walked up to the fences, knocked them down, took over the park and occupied the park. the park as it's set, the mayor said they would not have another encampment. i counted 16 tents on the ground, set up. there is a giant tarp a lot of people are huddling under right now. obviously, this is one of the problems the city will have to face. looks like the encampment has broken through the fences, here now at least for now to stay.
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here's how it started earlier today at about 2:30. occupy oakland protesters marched from their former camp site at oakland city hall through downtown. first stop, a wells fargo branch on western. the sign on the front door, property taxes, cost to community from the wall street meltdown. the march moved to another bank branch, chase, posting signs on the bank. one man wrote the word, 1%. the protesters moved to the kaiser center. a lone police officer was there to direct traffic. signs were also posted at bank of america branch at plaza center. the march ended here at the theater. officers closed freeway entrances and exit ramps. throughout the day, we did not see a lot of police presence,
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even coming into the park. there was a substantial number of police officers not dressed in riot gear, not showing batons, but they were around the area. police officers are at doors in some of the condominiums around the park. if you look a little to your right, you'll see a new group of police officers moving in. this group of police officers once again does not have helmets on, do not have helmets on. so we think that perhaps the mayor and the city have taken a light stance on this. they are not going to be too proactive, but at some point, they will have to enforce what they talked about earlier. that is this has got to stop. they will not allow the people camp here, not allow the tents to go up. we can show you there is a very large tarp under which many people, perhaps 50, 75 people have gathered. that tarp has been attached to the trellises around here. you can see down past me, into the park, this was about half a city block that had been marked off, fenced off, the area where
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they took down the fences and moved in. it's evolved into something of a party atmosphere right now, but there is tension, lot of tension being felt, a sense that obviously right now it's a good time. right now it's kind of a victory for occupy oakland, but obviously not going to last for long. at least at some point, those police officers over there and the party years back there are probably going to come to loggerhead. >> that's what i wanted to talk to you about. covering the occupy, it has ranged from peaceful, festive, angry. your sense is which emotion is the strongest tonight? >> reporter: i would say that we saw occupy oakland at city hall, very, very angry. i would say today we're someplace below that, a third of the way down. we see families, children here, people with a festive attitude. this group is a different cross section than what we saw at occupy oakland at city hall, but some of those people are here also. it's an interesting mix. it's typical of what you find here on one hand, but on the other hand, we do have people
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here because they have a concern about the economy. >> well, because of the protester's profanity, we had to cut out don knapp's live shot. we apologize if the profanity offended anyone. at occupy sf, city crews moved in today to clean up two encampments, one in front of the federal reserve building on market, the other adjacent to justin herman plaza. the city declared the area a public health hazard. workers dressed to clean garbage, but left the main camp intact. >> their intention was to bring these into compliance. however, when we showed that we weren't going to let anything be removed, they stopped trying to remove anything. >> some protesters had splintered off into areas near the main streets. the crews were successful in clearing the grassy areas.
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demonstrators are also on the move in the south bay. in san jose, the occupy movement brought their protest to the front of the mayor's house. police confirmed about 30 to 40 people are outside the mayor's home on a private road, apparently only on the sidewalk. one of the protesters tells a radio station that among them is the demonstrate tore called hacker, the man who sat 28 days atop san jose city hall. video of occupy confrontation at uc davis is causing major headaches tonight for the administration. police are caught on video pepper spraying students on campus yesterday. demonstrators were gathered as part of the occupy movement and to speak out against tuition hikes. police say the students ignored repeated orders to clear out. today, the university's chancellor described the incident as chilling and said she is forming a task force to
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review the incident. >> it is very unexpected, very sad, and really very inappropriate, i would say, just on the face of it. >> dozens of students gathered outside the building where the chancellor spoke, forming what they described as a chain of solidarity, demanding the chancellor address them. students were upset because they say they were not allowed inside for the news conference. crews remain at the scene tonight of a four-alarm apartment fire in berkeley, one that left dozens of people, including students homeless. anne mackovic explains why firefighters are keeping watch nearly 24 hours after the flames erupted. >> reporter: regina kim saw the smoke from her apartment window and shot this video with a cell phone. a raging fire in this five-story commercial and apartment building. >> it kept getting bigger there. was black smoke coming out of the windows, too. >> reporter: her building was evacuated, but it was the people
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that lived in the 39 apartments in this building that she really felt for, mainly students at uc berkeley. >> they were just out, because they just lost all their stuff, and they are crying. we're so close to finals week, so they are freaking out. >> reporter: firefighters don't know how many people were in there. they are asking anyone who lived there to contact the berkeley fire department for a head count. the red cross is helping at least eight people with emergency housing. >> it is a kind of constant state of not knowing what's going on and how many people need help. >> reporter: late this morning, more than 12 hours after the fire broke out, firefighters were still pouring water on the collapsed roof. they say there's still likely active fire inside the walls. the building is so unstable, traffic will be affected on several surrounding streets this weekend. >> firefighters will be standing by throughout the weekend, 24 hours, to make sure we don't have any flare-ups or rekindling
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of the fire. >> reporter: and the whole building will have to be knocked down because it's about to collapse on its own. >> this is a masonry building. if you look at the building, you can sew the bows of the building. we're concerned not only is the building falling inward, but onto the streets. >> reporter: anne mackovic, cbs 5. the wildfire that burned 2000 acres is 80% contained tonight. 60 mile-an-hour winds pushed the flames through cedar foot hills yesterday. 32 homes were destroyed and thousands of people were forced to leave. today, people were let back in to survey the damage. some >> i spent most of the morning keeping that fire down and it was raging in our gulley. the sad part, we witnessed our neighbors' houses burn down before our eyes. >> firefighters found much more destruction and damage than initially reported. they believe arcing power lines are to blame for the fire.
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two more bay area casualties in afghanistan. the deadly week that claimed two young lives on the battlefield. and cleaning up the streets takes on new meaning. the bay area distinction that brought out hundreds of volunteers. and a fast-moving cold front is moving through the bay area as we speak, bringing wind, rain and isolated thunderstorms in your weekend forecast and beyond. details, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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second guardsman from california to die in the line of duty. san jose police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian last night. the man was struck near story road and bedford street about 6:40 in the evening. his name has not been released, but he appears to be in his 60s. this is the eighth pedestrian or bicyclist in santa clara county to be killed in the early evening since the end of daylight saving time. checking other bay area headlines, after a series of sexual assaults in the lake merit area this year, an arrest in at least one case. oakland police say the man who brutally beat and assaulted a woman near 8th and jackson last february is now behind bars. 18-year-old derek parks was identified from dna evidence found on the victim. a match was made last month and charges of rape were filed this month. a massive highway cleanup
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campaign kicked off this weekend in the south bay. hundreds of volunteers donned hard hats and safety vests to pick up trash along the freeways. a state survey counts bay area roads the most littered in california. cal tran spends $50 million a year to keep them clean. you probably noticed a taste of everything this weekend. jim's forecast is next. ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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. rain is moving in for the holiday. >> rain is lighting up the radar. a fast-moving cold front moving into the bay area this evening. rain spreading from north to south across the region, with a chance of isolated thunderstorm activity. as we take a quick tour around the bay, the leading edge of the front is moving into the valley area, big game at stanford, looking at shower activity now. that will continue on and off for the next couple of hours. as you can see, there's more moderate return showing up in the offshore waters. back to the north bay, we're seeing most of the rain, quite a bit of returns left there, moderate along the highway 101. that will continue through the night with, again, the chance of isolated thunderstorm activity with us into tomorrow morning. as we take a look at the forecast lows tonight, upper 30s to low 40s across the north bay.
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mid-40s through the rest of the bay area here. warmer back at the beach. cool and unsettled weather will continue as this cold front, a deep one, crosses into the region. lots of cold air behind it, continuing the showers into tomorrow. we're looking at the leading edge this evening, which will drop snow levels by tomorrow morning to 3500 feet, as the energy slides out along the coast into the southland here once again. wind, rain, isolated thunderstorms tonight, into tomorrow. then scattered showers through tomorrow night. we'll dry out a bit into the beginning of the week and look for more rain come midweek. here's a look at our totals for the next 24 hours. productive up in the north bay. nearly an inch of rain there. half of an inch, three quarters of an inch across the rest of the bay area. again, showers likely to continue on and off through the weekend, with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. pretty cool out there, as we see lots of cold, unsettled air into the region through tomorrow, drying out a bit monday and tuesday. then you see what happens come
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wednesday. the best front will be to our north. we'll see minimal amounts of precipitation across the area here through the end of the week, into next weekend. probably wednesday night, then again friday we'll see the bulk of the moisture for your holiday plans. hopefully you won't be traveling those evenings. right now, time for our sports update with kim. thanks a lot, jim. fight night tonight, and when you're winning, all is good -- n]♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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patrick witt, skipped his one and only chance to interview for . how big is the rivalry between harvard and yale? so big, the quarterback skipped his one and only chance to interview for the rhodes scholarship for today's game. that's pretty big. it was the 128th meeting between the two ivy league schools, third longest in the country, which probably would have had an easier time doing the interview that is than playing the game. gideon returns the pick for the touchdown, one of three interceptions. 45-7. san jose state beat navy 27-24 to cap a three-game losing streak. rut lee scored twice to add over 100 yards rushing and receiving.
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spartans improved to 4-7. many people felt the raiders gave up too much when they traded first round and second round pick for carson palmer. so far, it's looking like a good deal for the silver and black. palmer threw for over 600 yards and 6 touchdowns in his two starts. >> that's why we go out and get that guy, because of what you just said. other scenario, i wouldn't have brought somebody here i didn't know, somebody i had no rapport with whatsoever and say, okay, i guarantee you we wouldn't be in that situation right now. you can see the raiders and vikings tomorrow morning on cbs 5. as always, stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter. the 49ers have won seven straight games and have the second best record in the nfl. but despite their success, they can't seem to fully rid themselves of-- >> he comes in with the media.
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sometimes we try to stay away from him and he's talking to y'all here too. with all the wins the niners have this year, the locker room in santa clara is certainly a much happier place. just because you have an 8-1 record does not mean you can sing. n]♪ >> why are you trying to sound like nick lachey? [ laughter ] n]♪ n]♪ n]♪
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>> ouch. >> you know what? i shouldn't make fun, because i can't sing either. >> you can't play football either! >> exactly! hey, the matchup is set for the annual turkey day game to decide the city championship. and it will be the defending champion washington eagles taking on the mission bears. >> mission defeated lowell in semifinals on thursday. thanksgiving day will be -- have not won a turkey day game since 1954. >> oh, this would be big to make history, to have a part of it. >> i feel we need to be here, so this year is like a dream come true. >> if we win the championship, i can look back on the team when
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i'm 45. close to 9 million people tuned in last weekend for the network debut. tonight all the action is from san jose from ufc 139. california kid, the favorite in the top 10, on the card facing brian bowles. the 32-year-old favorite decided to be on the same card as 41-year-old dan henderson, who will fight in the same event. >> i was lucky enough to be around dan henderson when i first started the sport. i asked how much he runs, and he said dan hasn't run in 14 years. i've been a huge fan of dan. this guy's like a pirate to me. >> fun to watch, at least for some of us. >> yeah. not me. thanks. well, could be a night of high tension at the occupy protest at oakland.
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protesters knocked down a fence. we'll show you more tonight at 10:00. plus, we'll show you the cars of the future at the los angeles auto show, including some that can drive themselves. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. until then, the latest is on have a good evening.
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